aDrum patch

It is a pattern based drum machine with random functionality. It has four parts (bass drum, snare, close hat and open hat) and each one has 8 pre-designed patterns.

Patterns can be browsed with four knobs so you can combine them and design your unique beat.

In addition it has a clock based random generator that can randomise the choice of the pattern for all the parts or for the one you select.

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Interface configuration


  • Fully customisable patch based on factory and community objects.
  • 4 instruments, each one has 8 selectable patterns.
  • Internal tempo
  • Clock based delay effect with adjustable mix
  • Switch between HP/LP filter (hold the blu/red button few seconds)
  • Adjustable filter frequency
  • Clock out (sync to a Volca or other similar devices)
  • Adjustable level decay per step
  • D LFO: disabled as default, patch-in the clock out with a jack cable to activate the LFO on the decay.
  • Randomise patterns, change value every 4 steps. You can assign a target or just randomise all the parts together. (press the grey button)

Patch overview

1 Minute Video

Have fun!