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Plug and play controlling interface board and enclosure for Axoloti Core

AXOCTRL gives easy access to all the connections available on the board adding knobs, buttons, extra ports and a bright display. Customise your AXOCTRL with the custom made 3D printed AXOBOX, choose your favorite colours and create your unique look combination.

AXOCTRL is a DIY project and it comes in multiple parts to be assembled by yourself.

Attention! AXOCTRL needs anAxoloti Core to work and it’s not included. If you don’t have it yet, you can buy it at the official Axoloti store. Axoloti is an open source project part of a big community where people constantly contribute with new patches and objects. Visit the community forum.


AXOCTRL Board features: 9 Configurable potentiometers, 4 Momentary buttons, 3 Leds, a bright OLED display 128×64px, 2 Analog configurable in/out PWM for external circuits and other sensors, 2 Audio mono inputs 3,5mm Jack, 2 Audio mono outputs 3,5mm Jack.

AXOCTRL is available as a full kit to assembly or pre-soldered with female or male header connector.


AXOBOX is a 3D printed enclosure for Axoloti and Add-Ons boards such AXOCTRL. It’s designed to simplify the assembly and customisation of your Axoloti project and keep it safe from dust and shocks.

AXOBOX it comes with some accessories such metal turrets and screws and a special bi-function HEX tool that makes the job quicker.

The AXOCTRL Faceplates

Faceplates are realised through a laser engraving and laser cutting process on 3mm Acrylic panels. The pre-drilled holes perfectly fit the AXOCTRL board configuration, plus the labels makes clear which parameter is being routed within your patch while programming.

Would you like to print your own faceplate? Download here the illustrator file template and customise your face look. 



Learn how to configure and use your AXOCTRL


Get all the instructions to assembly your AXOCTRL Kit & AXOBOX

Plug & Play Patch Objects

Easily set up your AXOCTRL within Axoloti Patcher software. Just sync your library with the latest updates and get access to all the objects and demo patches available for AXOCTRL

Demo Patches

Try our demo patches and get an instant introduction to patching with AXOCTRL


demo patch

A simple virtual analog monophonic synthesizer patch designed for AXOCTRL


demo patch

a pattern based drum machine with random functionality and sync out for Volcas.


NO. Don’t route them together or it will blow Axoloti. 

No. There’s no much space left in there. AXOCTRL is powered by Axoloti Core that must be connected to a power supply or a USB port. 

Might be you still need to solder the header on your Axoloti Core board. The matching header for Axoloti Core comes with AXOCTRL. If you choose pre-assembled option and you already have the header installed on your board make sure to select the matching type (female/male)

Axoctrl weight

0.1 Kg

Axoctrl dimension

16.5 x 9 x 3.5 cm

Enclosure weight

0.1 Kg

Enclosure dimension

17.2 x 10 x 4.5 cm

Enclosure material

3D printed PLA

Faceplate material