Axoctrl is a plug and play controlling interface for Axoloti Core. It gives easy access to all the connections available on the board adding knobs, buttons, extra ports and a bright display.


It’s a project started in 2018 when we discovered the existence of the wonderful Axoloti Core, a DSP board designed and developed in the close-by Belgium from Johannes Taelman.
We loved so much this projects that we immediately decided to develop a controlling interface for it. The shield is made to be easy to assemble and make full use of all the I/O connections available on the Core without requiring any other software add ons. This is also possible thanks to the Axoloti Community that already developed tons of resources. All this has been fundamental for us to achieve this project.


Between 2018 and 2019 the Axoctrl has been available only as pre-assembled unit embedded inside a 3D printed box (Axoctrl box 1st serie).

Lately, AXOCTRL has been released also as a full kit to assembly or pre-soldered with female or male header connector. The assembly is very easy, also for new DIYer… You can find manuals and step by step assembly guide in the workshop section. The Axoctrl box production ends in January 2020 to make room for the new upcoming AXOBOX.








AXOBOX 2020 – White Cactus – see more


  • 9 configurable potentiometers
  • 4 Momentary buttons
  • 3 Led
  • Display OLED 128×64 px
  • 2 Analog configurable in/out PWM (3v) for external circuits and other sensors.
  • 2 Audio mono inputs 3,5mm mini jack
  • 2 Audio mono outputs 3,5mm mini jack


AXOCTRL released models (1st serie 2018-2019)

We designed a unique 3D printed case that perfectly fits the Axoloti core and the Axoctrl board, keeping both safe from dust and shocks. The enclosure improves the solidity of the on-board ports such as micro-USB and SD-Card without losing accessibility to any of the original connections.

Seven models were released with 3d printers, using different type of filaments: Clear PETG, Premium PLA, Volcano PLA, WoodFill PLA (40% wood particle gravimetrical filling).

Do you miss the the old box? Print it by yourself: download the 3D files.
To fit your Axoctrl into the box you’ll need few parts, that are included in the kit.



AXOCTRL Charcoal



AXOCTRL Organico



AXOCTRL Random Chrome



AXOCTRL Snowbrick



AXOCTRL Nightform



AXOCTRL Firebase